WP1: System design and prototyping

Start: April of 2019

Conclusion: September of 2019

Task 1.1: Global requirements for use and visualization

Responsible for activity: HIDROMOD

Aim: Definition of system requirements, taking into account the software and hardware components integration.

Task 1.2: Location and depth data collection and sharing

Responsible for activity: UA

Aim: State-of-the-art of the equipment that represents the most cost-effective solution for the collection and sharing of depth and location data.

Task 1.3: Visibility monitoring  

Responsible for activity: WAVEC

Aims: Design of a marine remote monitoring system capable of identifying visibility in real time; Assessment of installation sites, power and data connection, and maintenance logistics; Installation of test equipment with connection to the data management platform.

Task 1.4: Mobile Interface

Responsible for activity: UA

Aims: Specification and prototyping of the mobile platform, taking advantage of the hydrodynamic model available on AQUASAFE and input parameters, such as initial and final positions, vessel draft and estimated travel speed; The algorithm design of the best route will be designed.

Task 1.5: Data model

Responsible for activity: HIDROMOD

Aim: Definition of all details involved in file formats, structure of the data to be collected, storage, indexing, updating frequency and reading formats for client applications.